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My Lowe’s Step Up Experience

I spent the better part of my weekend painting, so I’m currently hurting. All over. After countless times up and down the ladder across 2 days, my muscles have rebelled, filled with lactic acid, and done their best to encourage me to hire out the job next time.

Yet, I have a good customer service story to share from the weekend. Lowe’s exceeded my expectations in a couple of ways.

First, we came in on a Saturday at noon to buy paint. I know better, but that’s just the way it worked out this time. I was able to gather all other painting supplies and select a ladder while my wife waited for our turn to order paint.

It was also nice to have some help in the tools section while shopping for a ladder. I was looking at another step ladder at 10 feet to reach the 12 foot ceilings, but lamenting that I already have (and store) a six footer and an eight footer. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get by with an extension ladder since I’ll need one of those outside eventually anyway? Paul, a friend and frequent help in Lowe’s spotted me and, after hearing why I was looking on with bewilderment, suggested a combo ladder that can work as a step ladder or straighten out and work as an extension ladder. It was heavier to move around, but turned out to be perfect for the job. Incidentally, when I pulled up at the house later, I spotted my next-door neighbor had also just purchased the same ladder. I didn’t ask him, but I bet he also ran into Paul at our local Lowe’s

Paul also reminded me to make sure to scan a MyLowe’s card so that Lowe’s would have record of our exact paint color in case we needed more of it. I told him that I had a card but forgot to register it and don’t have it with me, so there is no way of matching it up. Paul helped me get signed up for a new card and registered right in the store, so I was fully ready to scan and go when I got to the checkout later. MyLowe’s seems a great way to help me, earn my loyalty, and encourage return trips to Lowe’s instead of a competitor. At least it’s not just another “loyalty” program that requires you to join if you want to get the regular price.

After the supply gathering and some more waiting, we had to make the always-tough decision of which paint to purchase. I told the clerk that I wanted paint without the primer since I’m just covering light-colored walls anyway. She answered that both grades of Valspar paint offered have primer, but the premium “Signature” paint has high definition color or some-such-advantage. I told her that that we didn’t need signature and waited for our paint to be ready. Fortunately, the remainder of the trip was relatively quick and efficient and we were headed home soon after.

We didn’t quite finish the job over the weekend, but got really close. As I wound down last night and surveyed the completed parts of the living room, I was grateful to Lowe’s for the good quality paint with primer. It had been a bit thicker to work with and seemed to need frequent refills into the paint buckets, but at the end, it was great to see that it provided great coverage with a single coat. So, as I crawled into bed last night, with achy muscles and sore feet from ladder duty, I was glad to know that I would probably not have to do it all again just to get the walls looking passable.


Lowe’s chose to offer only an effective and high-quality option and I thank them for it. I know that, in product development, we are tempted to cover all the price points, but sometimes it’s best to just offer good stuff and let the customer enjoy a premium and satisfying experience. It was a pleasant surprise to me. Next time I may have to find out what that super saturation molecular color or some-such-advantage was all about. After all, as a consumer, I don’t even always know what I really am wanting, so I appreciate it when a company has found it and helps me discover it.

Pardon the bad pun, but I really feel that Lowe’s got a step up on the competition this time. Nice!

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